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The Wayback Machine

The first time I heard about the Wayback Machine from a colleague and friend, I really thought he was "pulling my leg".

Sure, I thought, there's this magical site you can go to where someone backs up the whole internet for free and you can retrieve stuff you lost.

That would be like finding that your dog had not chewed your high-school English paper, he had swallowed it whole in a plastic bag and all you had to do was to wait a couple of hours and everything would come out okay in the end.

Well, the Wayback Machine does exist but of course it doesn't keep everything, since the internet is growing by leaps and bounds everyday and you need a device either the same size or bigger to make a backup on.

Looking at my website from 2002 was both funny and sad.

But hey, it was the turn of the century and the internet was still young and naive. I had webspace on a service called ids.net and my account was a subfolder. FireFox was just a kit and QuickBooks was just a pamphlet. It's amazing how much has changed since then!