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International Association of Emergency Managers

The IAEM 2013 redesign was a total transformation of a 90's style website. The old site contain over 200 static pages containing dozens of conflicting inline styles. The content needed to be extracted and imported into a database to create a fully functional dynamic site. This new site features a comprehensive public side, a members portal with links to SSL content and an administrative side with custom CMS. There are also multiple menus, multiple slideshows, maintenance for thousands of images and documents, a dynamic jobs board, a global search and Google translate options. Because the new site needed to deliver mixed content (HTTP/SSL) for the first time, testing was required on the top five browsers, particularly IE with all its quirks and non-compliance to standards. Also, this new site enabled IAEM for the first time to leverage various social media including a mobile landing page for phones and tablets. (2013-present)

In collaboration with: CK Communications (formerly Cote D'Ambrosio), Codearium.

Keywords: CSS ColdFusion GitHub HTML JavaScript MSSQL collaboration database lead team

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