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About The Book

Anti Claus is a 36-page story/picture book written by Todd Hampson and illustrated in acrylic by Michael Keyes. It addresses environmental issues for children and their parents in a humorous way.

The book includes the songs, "Anti Claus is Coming to Town" and "Randolph, The Black-Tie Penguin". Listen to the songs on our free stuff page. You'll be humming green Christmas lyrics all year long!

About The Story

Dr. Joseph Randolph Hansen is an ordinary marine biologist at the Woody Hollow Institute of Marine Science. Accidently stranded at the South Pole, his life changes forever as he meets a rag-tag band of giant, genetically-altered penguins who have been exposed to radioactive waste.

After many years at the South Pole with no apparent aging, Dr. Hansen discovers that his family has long since died and he is out of a job. So he dons a green parka, grabs a bag of smoked fish, hitches up his penguins and heads out to help clean up the world under the alias of the Antarctic Santa Claus or "Anti Claus".

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